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Women are different than we are. (Vive la ‘difference!) YOUR loving wife or significant other needs, wants and deserves SPECIAL  ATTENTION maybe more often than you think to give to her.

You are busy. Pre-occupied with work. Aggravated  with that dim-witted coworker (or boss) that you have to deal with every day at the office. Your Tired. Who has time or the energy to even think about “romance”?  (Two-thirds  of all marriages end in divorce and the number one reason given by divorcing women – “he just didn’t pay enough attention to me anymore.”)

For you, my friend, I have got a SOLUTION! With the link on the next page, YOU are entitled to an evening charmed by all the creativity of Chef Kahlil, the Official Romance Director!

When you setup this reservation for your Very-Significant-Other & Chef Kahlil arrive’s at your home (or if you setup a private suite at a luxury hotel),  your special evening by candlelight  and the succulent aroma of your 4 or 5 course meal being prepared …  right in the privacy of your home! (When you make your reservation,  I will GUARANTEE you an evening to remember!)

Because, YOUR intimate dining room there will be NO families, NO CHILDREN, NO disruptions.  Quiet good music. A peaceful environment. A haven from the hustle, bustle, noise and pushing and shoving and rushing of the real world.

On your table, in a crystal bud vase, there will be a single dewy fresh red rose for your lady. (It and the vase are hers to keep.) We will begin with a carafe of wine – red or white, your choice hand selected by a wine sommelier  – to compliment your meal selection! (Don’t worry if you don’t drink you can select a nonalcoholic wine or sparkling cider) And fresh baked, piping hot, artesian bread selection. For dinner, all the TENDERNESS the two of you can handle take a look below to see how it works in 8 easy steps:

Step 1. – You will get to pick your menu that Chef Kahlil will email to you to select your 4 or 5 course meal. (Chef Kahlil assist you if need be with your choice of starters, soup and/or salad, sides & dessert)

Step 2. – Once you confirm a menu that is agreed upon, we will set the menu up to printed on a beautiful keepsake laminated menu that will presented to you that evening, with both of your names and the date printed on them!

Step 3. – Chef Kahlil himself will call or text you on the day of the event to confirm start and arrival time and to let you know that he is in route to you

Step 4. – Your 5 star meal will be prepared  right in your home kitchen as Chef Kahlil lays out a red carpet for you to grace and take pictures on, leading you to your private dining area topped with fresh rose petals to set the mood. As this is being setup light dinner jazz music along with you & your significant other’s 10 favorite love songs will be played to set the ambiance….

As the linen & china is being set, the scenery will be picture perfect by placing a keepsake floral arrangement for you sweetheart & dinner candles will be lit, as you smell the intoxicating aroma of your dinner being cooked just for you and your loved one in the privacy of your own home.

Step 5. – After the Chef prepares your meal, you will be served table side on fine China and allowed to enjoy the company of your significant other in the privacy of your own dining room (no distractions, no annoying waiter/waitress rushing you to get you up as quick as possible), we will ensure that you have the service that you and your significant other deserve on this special day!

Step 6. – The only signs of us being there will be the smiles on your face, the satisfaction of your palate’s & the keepsake pictures to share with your family & friends. (To prove you really had a real professional Executive Chef and his staff bring the dining experience to your home!) The kitchen & dining area will be let spotless a keepsake romantic breakfast basket filled with special goodies for you to enjoy the next day!

Step 7. – Seven to ten days later you will receive your keepsake photo via mail for you to hang on your wall or place on your mantle to remember the evening that you shared with your loved one that evening

Step 8. – Call or book your romantic dinner now by clicking on button to your left to take care of everything in advance and to give your sweetheart the gift of a life time!

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